Uniswap Founder Twitter Account Hacked: $170,000+ in Crypto Stolen

• Hayden Adams, the founder of Uniswap Labs, recently had his Twitter account compromised by hackers.
• Uniswap Labs assured that their protocol was not affected by the exploit.
• Adams regained control of his Twitter account after five hours and thanked everyone who helped with warnings and takedowns.

Uniswap Founder’s Twitter Account Attacked

Recently, the Twitter account of Hayden Adams, the founder of Uniswap Labs was attacked by hackers. The decentralized exchange operating on Ethereum blockchain assured that its protocol was not affected by the exploit.

Regaining Control

After five hours, Adams regained control over his twitter account and thanked everyone who put effort into helping him with warnings and takedowns. He promised to reveal further details on the exploit “when ready”.

Similar Attacks in the Past

This is not the first time popular people’s accounts have been targeted by wrongdoers. Last month, one of crypto’s biggest critics – Peter Schiff – had his account attacked to promote a fake presale involving gold (his favorite investment instrument). The popular music producer Steve Aoki also became a victim when his twitter account was compromised in May and a phishing scam led to losses of around $170,000 worth in cryptocurrencies.

No Impact on Protocol

Despite this attack on Adams’ twitter account, Uniswap Labs ensured its users that it did not affect their Protocol in any way. They warned people to refrain from clicking any links coming from suspicious sources as there were no giveaways or bounties involved whatsoever.


Hackers continue to target popular people’s accounts online as seen with this attack on Hayden Adam’s twitter account as well as similar attacks on Peter Schiff and Steve Aoki last month. Fortunately, no harm has been done to Uniswap Labs’ protocol but it is important for users to be aware of such scams and stay vigilant while using social media platforms online