Secure Your Agricultural Investments with LandX and Quantstamp

• LandX, a decentralized Perpetual Commodity Vaults Protocol, has announced the successful completion of a security audit conducted by Quantstamp.
• The audit included a comprehensive review of LandX’s smart contracts and provided them with a detailed report outlining potential security risks and recommendations for improving the platform’s security posture.
• With the successful completion of the security audit, LandX is well-positioned to continue its roadmap to success.

LandX Completes Security Audit with Quantstamp

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 16th February 2023: LandX, the decentralized Perpetual Commodity Vaults Protocol, has completed a security audit conducted by Quantstamp – a leader in blockchain security solutions. The audit was aimed at assessing potential vulnerabilities in the platform’s smart contracts, ultimately providing users with enhanced confidence in its safety and reliability.

Audit Process

The audit process was conducted over several weeks and consisted of an extensive review of LandX’s codebase for any potential vulnerabilities or issues. During this period, Quantstamp’s team of experts tested the code for smart contract architecture as well as token logic.

Results & Recommendations

Upon completion of their assessment process, Quantstamp provided LandX with a detailed report outlining potential risks and recommendations to improve their overall security posture. The results revealed that LandX’s smart contract architecture had been designed efficiently and thoroughly tested; all issues identified during the audit were addressed promptly by their blockchain engineers.

Moving Forward

The successful completion of this rigorous security audit further demonstrates LandX’s commitment to user safety and trustworthiness; it provides them with greater assurance as they move forward with their plans for growth and development on their platform.

Statement from Spokesperson

“We are pleased to have successfully completed our security audit with Quantstamp,” said LandX spokesman. “Ensuring the security of our users’ investments is our top priority, and this audit provides us with the assurance we need to continue to build trust and confidence in our platform.”