Google Cloud Launches Web3 Startup Program – $200K in Cloud Credits

• Google Cloud announced plans to assist Web3 startups and projects to build and scale faster and more securely.
• The new offering expands on the existing initiative called – “Google for Startups Cloud Program” by including additional Web3-specific benefits.
• Projects can also opt-in to Google Cloud’s Web3-specific benefits which include up to $200,000 over two years in Google Cloud credits and technical and collaboration support.

Google Cloud Launches New Web3 Startup Program

Google Cloud has launched a new program to help Web3 startups and projects build and scale faster and more securely. This new initiative is an extension of the existing “Google for Startups Cloud Program” and includes a range of additional web3 specific benefits.

Eligibility Requirements

The Google for Startups Cloud Program is open to all pre-seed to Series A eligible web 3 technology projects and startups. Projects that opt into this program will be able access up to $200,000 over two years in Google Cloud credits as well as technical collaborations with Alchemy, Nansen, Solana, Aptos, Celo, Flow, HBAR Foundation, Near, Solana Foundation etc.

Investment Grants From Founding Partners

In addition to these resources, each of the founding partners will be offering exclusive grants of up to $1 million each in order to accelerate Web3 startup growth. Furthermore projects may also access up to $3 million in investments from the Polygon Ventures Ecosystem Fund as well as priority reviews from Ventures Team at launch time.

Additional Benefits

Other benefits programs include free access web 3 workshops facilitated by leading industry experts from different organizations such as Protocol Labs where participants will learn how blockchain technology works in real life scenarios using a hands-on approach; access early stage capital via Polychain Capital’s venture fund; discounts on infrastructure providers like Linode; mentorship opportunities with leading innovators in the space through GCP’s Community office hours; participation in events hosted by GCP such as hackathons; a dedicated Slack channel where members can connect with peers working on similar technology etc .


These initiatives are aimed towards helping Web 3 startups succeed by providing them with valuable resources that would otherwise take months or even years for them acquire on their own. With this program Google hopes that it will enable these startups focus on what matters most – speed-to-market innovation while ensuring secure platform usage at no cost!