Bitcoin Rollercoaster: This Week’s Crypto Recap

• Bitcoin’s price went on a rollercoaster in the past week, reaching highs of $25K and lows of $24K.
• Coinbase announced their launch of an Ethereum layer-two scaling solution called Base.
• This caused a significant pump in the price of Optimis.

Bitcoin Price Rollercoaster

Bitcoin’s price has been on a rollercoaster throughout the past seven days, and it has failed to chart any significant increase (or decrease) throughout the period. Last week at this time, the price was hovering around similar levels, around $24K, but it quickly took for the skies and touched $25K on Sunday. What followed was the first correction back to $24K, after which BTC bounced again and reached $25K once more. It remained there for a couple of days, but bulls were unable to establish control, and bears eventually won the war, pushing the price back below $24K. On Thursday, BTC attempted yet another shot at recovery and got to around $24,700 before retracing back down to where it’s currently trading at around $24K.

Coinbase’s L2 Network

Coinbase announced their launch of an Ethereum layer-two scaling solution based on Optimis called Base. According to their official press release, Coinbase aims to lure millions of new users in the industry through Base as it boasts a full suite of features that make onboarding new users easier than ever before. This announcement caused serious excitement among cryptocurrency traders as it resulted in a notable pump in Optimis’ price.

Bulls & Bears Battle

The past week saw Bitcoin go through several phases with bulls attempting to take full control over its market movements but ultimately failing against bears who pushed its value lower each time they appeared stronger than their opponents. The tug-of-war between these two sides lasted until Thursday when BTC attempted yet another shot at recovery before being dragged back down by bearish pressure once more.

What Does This Mean?

The Coinbase announcement is significant news for both Ethereum and cryptocurrency users alike as it will make buying into crypto much easier than before while also increasing liquidity within ETH markets due to its underlying technology being based on Optimis’ high throughput network model which allows transactions processed off-chain while still maintaining decentralization characteristics associated with blockchain networks such as Ethereum’s public ledger system. Additionally, Bitcoin’s volatile behavior during this period may indicate that investors are feeling uncertain about where prices are headed next following its all-time high last month which could mean that we may see further drops in coming weeks if investor confidence does not return soon enough or if bearish sentiment continues dominating markets too long – something only time can tell us right now!


This week saw Bitcoin go through several ups and downs without charting any major changes or showing clear signs about where prices are heading next while Coinbase announced their launch of an Ethereum layer-two scaling solution called Base that sent ripples throughout crypto markets due to its potential effects on future user adoption rates within ETH networks worldwide – so stay tuned for more updates!